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Kommentar, der Israel nachrichten: Heilbronner Justiz “Juden ins Gas” erlaubt! Israelfahne verboten! Der Artikel Schreiber Dr. Dean Grunwald beklagt sich darüber das Muslime heute in Deutschland „Juden ins Gas“ in Gas rufen kann ohne das die Polizei oder Staatsanwalt auch nur im geringsten daran dächten diese bösartige Straftat zu verfolgen und die Politik schweigt. Nun sollte sich Herr Grunwald und die jüdische Community vielleicht an die eigene Nase fassen. Sie ist doch auch ein Teil der linken Community, die den Durchmarsch der Linksnazis in die Ämter mit möglich gemacht haben. In München hilft sie mit gute Menschen wie Herrn Stürzenberger einen tapferen Mann der gegen die Islamisierung unseres Landes kämpft zu denunzieren und fertigzumachen. Ich kenne keine einzige jüdische Seite, die auf Politically Incorrect verlinken würde. Das ist wohl die einzige Seite in Deutschland mit Reichweite die in hunderten Artikeln über Israel realistisch also positiv berichtet und es nicht wie der Rest der Medien als Schurkenstaat verkauft. Nun Herr Grunwald die Zustände, die sie beklagen, haben sie selbst mitzuverantworten. Wenn sie etwas ändern wollen, sollten sie nicht länger aufseiten der Linksnazis stehen. Artikel zum Thema vom 17 11 14  https://plus.google.com/114671054542611241580/posts/WPqvaU7hDnN Quelle: http://www.israel-nachrichten.org/archive/12929
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First it's immigrants coming over here and making our sandwiches and now it's illegal aliens taking our cleaning jobs! #sandwichgate  
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Pin Ist Verboten Oder Ungesund Mag Dich Aber Nur Als Freund on ...
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Egypt/ illegal Detention/abusing human rights #ISIS #Syria #GazaUnderAttack#RestoringBackEgyptFromTheMilitaryBloodyIronHand #Zionism #america #Whitehouse #terrorism#operationamericanspring #ChristianZionism #استعادة_مصر#USAPaysForEgyptArmyWhy #رصد#حكم_العسكر #Sisi #Jewish #humanrights#AJOpinion #EgyptTurmoil #ajmmisr#محرقة_رابعة #USPaysForEgyptArmyWhy #ضدك#هنكمل #الجزيرة_مصر_مباشر #HumanRights#كلنا_حماس #StandUpForHamas #Hamas #UN#USA #Zion #World #america #War #Africa#AJAfrica #CIV #AJOpinion #AJAGAZA #ISIS#Europe #genocide 🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂🍂 Egypt/ illegal Detention/abusing human rights/transfering fireigner detainees El-Sisi mandates transfer of foreign inmates to home-country prisons 🔷Egypt's president issues new law authorising the transfer of foreigners on trial in Egyptian courts or in Egyptian prisons to their home countries http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/1/64/115405/Index.aspx 🔷Congratulation for laws that liberate innocents & defenders of Human rights 🔷objection for on-the-sopt- designed laws, issued for investing the western opinion or for buying the World Scilence against Brutal violations by the Military Forces ⭕️Is it legal for Presidents to accumulate all authorities (legislative,excutive " ⭕️Is it legally permissible for a president to issue "special laws" ⭕️What is the price for such a law! 👉Is gaining hidden aggreement on the Egyptian Military abuses agiainst human rights & crackdown on University students,, to extinguish & "slain" voices ,calling for justice & denying unfair detention of Egyptians!! 👉Or To sign deals of arming The Military forces 👉Or Selling assets of The Suez Canal 👉Or improving the image of the Military Coup! Isn't it better to do so through : 👉actual refrain frim unjustified killing of innocent Egyptians?! 👉Refraining from dettering the mission of Sincere journalists?! 👉refraining from demolishing of helpless Sinai people! 👉prosecuting those involved in torturing the detainees ✨✨✨✨✨ http://cnn.it/1HKuMTq http://bit.ly/1zZTs53 http://bit.ly/121LEoq ✨✨✨
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File:Rauchen Verboten.svg - Wikimedia Commons
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Einfahrt Verboten Sign clip art - vector clip art online, royalty ...
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A London council has been found to offer advice to residents on shooting foxes, among other methods, in an effort to deal with the urban pest. Wandsworth council has re-stated its advice to residents in the borough that the “most humane and natural way” to control the fox population is to starve them, but also discusses shooting and baited cage traps as other forms of pest control. It has urged residents to purchase dust-bins in an effort to “limit [foxes] food supply” and stop the animals from eating food scraps in rubbish held in plastic bin liners that are left on the street for collection. The Conservative-run council has been forced to re-issue its guidelines after a resident in Tooting began campaigning on social media for the council to supply wheelie bins in an effort to stop foxes ripping apart peoples’ rubbish bags in the search for food. Wandsworth council has advised residents to buy their own dustbins The general guidelines published on the council’s website also offer advice on legal and illegal forms of controlling the urban fox population, claiming that residents who wish to shoot the animals must take care to ensure the safety of the public. “Shooting is not usually appropriate in urban areas, but where it is carried out, care must be taken to ensure the safety of the public and other wildlife,” the council states. “If a vixen is shot during breeding season, the den has to be traced and the whole family of cubs humanely killed.” A spokesperson for Wandsworth council said it "does not advocate" the shooting of foxes or using baited traps, but claimed these practices are not illegal. The council's guidelines only state that poisoning or releasing trapped foxes into unfamiliar surroundings outside their home range are against the law. In contrast, Enfield council states that residents “must never shoot, poison or use dogs against foxes as this is inhumane and you could be prosecuted”. Other councils claim shooting foxes is inhumane, and could lead to prosecution The council adds that snaring and baited cage traps “can be used successfully” in urban areas but captured foxes then have to be “humanely killed by shooting or by a vet”. Wandsworth council said that snaring is a legal method of fox control but snares must be visited at least once a day as they pose a risk for other domestic animals. The council makes clear that it “does not deal with foxes” and that the responsibility of pest control lies with the landowner. A spokesman for the council said it urges residents to buy their own dustbins with lids to keep foxes out of their rubbish, keep places clean and to help combat litter. “Wheelie bins are unsightly, block the pavement and tend to generate a higher amount of waste. We don’t have the resources to pay for dustbins and we think it is up to people to make that decision for themselves,” the spokesman said.
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Pokerbuch online, Poker » Blog Archive » “String Raise”? verboten !
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Spiel «Verbotene Geheimnisse: Alien Town» 28.11.2014 Eine Fernsehsendung verwandelt die Kinder von Fort Nightingale in Zombies und das ist nicht das Rätselhafteste dort! Begleite Clarrisa, eine Regierungsangestellte, in diese Stadt und ermittle inmitten des mystischen Mahlstroms. Hast du Angst? Oder wirst du dich mutig dem Unbekannten stellen? #spiel #spiele http://de.topgameload.com/?cat=casualpcgames&act=game&code=6927
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Verbotsschild Regale besteigen verboten günstig bestellen
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In September, four indigenous activists who stood up to unscrupulous loggers in a remote region of Peru’s rain forest were slain. The deaths could have easily gone unnoticed. Their village, Saweto, is a seven-day canoe ride from the nearest city. There is minimal government presence in the country’s vast rain forest, which is home to more than 300,000 indigenous people. Peru, which is holding the United Nations climate change conference next month, has made commendable pledges to reduce deforestation. But it must do far more to protect some of its most vulnerable citizens by helping them acquire land titles and regulating the logging industry more tightly. Taking those basic steps would go a long way toward the government’s goal of being on the vanguard of fighting climate change and it would preserve the way of life of communities that have been living off the earth for thousands of years. The country has been one of the deadliest for environmentalists and land rights activists, according to Global Witness, a London-based group that has documented the plight of Peruvian indigenous communities. Since 2002, according to the group, at least 57 Peruvian activists have been killed under suspicious circumstances. The latest case has generated significant attention in Peru and abroad in part because one of the slain activists, Edwin Chota, the leader of the Ashaninka indigenous community in Saweto, had attained a relatively high profile, having been featured in articles in The Times and National Geographic in 2013. In 2002, the government awarded logging companies the right to chop trees in much of the country’s rain forest. The concessions didn’t take into account the livelihood of hundreds of indigenous communities that were never consulted. They lead spartan lives, consuming what they fish, hunt and harvest. More than a decade ago, in an effort to protect their land from loggers, Mr. Chota’s community applied for a land title. The request was never acted on. After illegal loggers threatened him, Mr. Chota filed complaints with the police in the nearest city and provided authorities with documentation of illegal logging in his area. The government took no substantive action. In early September, Mr. Chota and three other activists — Jorge Ríos Pérez, Leoncio Quincima Meléndez and Francisco Pinedo — were fatally shot on their way to Brazil for meetings on the threat posed by loggers. The deaths sparked an outcry among Mr. Chota’s champions abroad, which later drew attention to the case in Peru. The authorities detained three men, although relatives of the activists worry that other culprits, and whoever ordered the killings, will escape punishment. Shortly after the murders, government officials promised to grant the community a land title. Those are positive steps, but they are woefully late and hundreds of indigenous communities still lack legal rights to their land. Diana Ríos, the daughter of Mr. Ríos, traveled to New York earlier this month to receive an award from a foundation run by Alexander Soros, the son of the billionaire financier George Soros. The award paid tribute to her community’s resolve. Despite the international attention this has received, many villagers, who took refuge in a nearby city after the killings, are now afraid to go home. Ms. Ríos, though, said she is determined to return and take up her father’s fight. “We’re strong,” she said in an interview. “It’s our land.”
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Hinweisschilder Schriftschilder Verbotsschilder Kuriositäten
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! ! Durch gang verboten ! !.jpg
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28 Accounts found in Liechtenstein, cases filed against 18 illegal accounts: Jaitley http://ow.ly/EZwFP
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