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About 84449 results for דרדסים
Width : 200  Height : 200
Added By : Delmy Jurado     Image Link     Recent Updated : 2 hours ago
EntreHub News Brief: "Spain an economy of two halves and Smurfs??" Spain has been hit hard over the last few years with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world as a result of the global financial crisis. Caught off guard, its banks needed a significant amount of reform and its on;y just recovering. However, news out today suggests that the tourism sector might have its recovery impacted by a fall in Russia's currency as more and more Russian's decide to wait the sanctions out at home - of course we are talking about the luxury and those big spending Russian billionaires who might not have as much money as they once used to! That's okay though because Spain is going to have something for the tourism industry has and it's the worlds first Smurfs theme park! The Spanish city of Lleida is set to become home to a Smurf theme park, a project that will create 200 jobs in the region. The project dedicated to the little blue characters known as 'pitufos' in Spanish will have set-up fees of €47 million ($57.8 million), Lleida's town hall said on Thursday. Expected revenues will be €14 million in the first year - that's right, Smurf theme park. Just goes to show when the Russian's stop coming at least the Smurfs turn up! #spain #smurfs #entrehub #russia #news #startups #smallbusiness #news #startups 
Width : 896  Height : 400
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Width : 325  Height : 325
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Width : 480  Height : 270
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Width : 1022  Height : 1022
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Width : 253  Height : 252
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Width : 276  Height : 276
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2014 - 1
I like the smurfs
Width : 480  Height : 365
Added By : Megan Van der Merwe     Image Link     Recent Updated : 1 day
Smurfs Smurfs Smurfs Smurfs Smurfs @ #4Everyware Smurf Retro Alarm Clock, Smurf wall clock, Smurf watch, Smurf bowl, Smurf mug, Smurf plate, Smurf toiletbag, Smurf bag and much more Smurf stuff. more info: petra@4everyware.nl www.4everyware.nl
Width : 1000  Height : 687
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Width : 2048  Height : 1152
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